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Project: Octanorm Hellas


OCTANORM is the leading quality brand in exhibition construction systems with the vision to develop an intelligent exhibition system combining efficiency, flexibility and individuality. The idea was developed into a concept that ignited the revolution of systems and OCTANORM continues to be a leader in product innovation and quality. In short, Octanorm offers quality, in a system.


Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

The Greek branch of Octanorm, Octanorm Hellas already had a great branding strategy deriving from its HQ in Germany. What we were called to do, is to diseminate the brand’s material and philosophy to the Greek audience as well as to localise their website. The marketing tools used are social media (facebook & instagram) and e-mail marketing. As for the last, the company aims in several different audiences and that requires a custom marketing design approach to reach out to its many different receivers: exhibition-realted companies, constructors, designers, museum, clean spaces etc, to name a few.

We’re just getting started with Octanorm, so if you’re into design and display market, keep an eye on us by signing up!

Why is this post in English? Octanorm is one of our clients for whom we create content in english to reach its foreign audience

26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

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